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The Convict Trail Project

Trail Itinerary

Bucketty through Wollombi to Broke

From Bucketty to Broke and beyond, the modern road follows the route of the convict road. Sections have been diverted and the original 1830s culverts lie in abandoned loops. From Bucketty north the road crossed Wollombi Brook and its tributaries, many of these crossings remain with rebuilt wooden bridges. In the 1860s, north of Wollombi part of the road was rebuilt. In this section the stone work dates from both the 1830s and the 1860s. North of Monkey Place Creek the road traveled in a straight line over undulating plains till it reached Warkworth.

Bucketty Precinct: at the intersection of George Downes Drive with the road to St Albans there is a large abandoned loop which contains a large culvert , a bridge , stone packed road surface, cut drains, rock platform road surface and small box culverts.

The drive to Wollombi from Bucketty winds its way though picturesque valleys past beautifully restored culverts and heritage buildings. Make sure you take advantage of the bypassed sections of the road that allow room for you to pull off the road and view the culverts up close.

Ramseys Leap is a majestic 100 metre long dry-stone wall stretching up to 4.5 meters high. This walling was thought to have been built by Road Party 42 and was named after a prisoner William Ramsey who escaped here in 1854.

Thompsons Bridge, now bypassed by the modern road is an easily accessible small wooden bridge, flanked by a stone retaining wall that can be driven over today.

Wollombi Village features many old historic buildings and is home to the Endeavour Museum which is housed in the old Court House. The village was established as the administrative centre for the district and it is at this point that the great North Road splits with one branch going north and the other east.

The North bound section of road passes through Paynes Crossing to Broke and then on to Warkworth.





Download a Map

Convict Trail MapThe NEW and updated map of the Great North Road is available in visitor information centres and is also available for download here.