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The Convict Trail Project



The Convict Trail Project  was initiated in the early 1990’s by the Bucketty and Wollombi communities, since then many groups who have the same interest in the project including conservation, management and promotion of the Great North Road  have join the Convict Trail Project.

Funding the Project has always come from Grants, In-kind donations and voluntary efforts.

The CTP engages in a diverse range of activities and services that are centred round promoting, conserving and providing interpretation to our national heritage “The Great North Road” for the enjoyment of all present and future generations.

Our Mission Statement represents and embodies our overarching goal in providing these activities and services and is simply expressed as “Caring for the Great North Road”.

We welcome new members who are interested in being a part of the Convict Trail Project. Our membership runs along the financial year (July – June).

As a Member, you;

  • Receive the Convict Trail Newsletters
  • Receive invitations to attend Convict Trail meetings, functions and events
  • Have a voice on how the Project is managed at the Annual General Meeting,
  • Assist in Electing Directors to represent the Convict Trail at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership cost $30 or $25 concessions per year plus a $1.00 joining fee (legal requirement of incorporation) Business membership is $100 per annum.

To become a member write applying for membership to:

The Project Director

Convict Trail Project Inc.



Download a Map

Convict Trail MapThe NEW and updated map of the Great North Road is available in visitor information centres and is also available for download here.